Officially creating magical adornments since 2014, Dark Fawn Jewelry is a dream of a fawn with stars for spots and whose fur is the wisps of clouds meeting the pitch black shadow of a waxing moon.

Hello! My name is Christina but I would love if you called me "Beans". As long as I can remember, it seemed as if every chance meeting with a stranger made a guessing game of my profession. It was always unanimous: I must be a jeweler. The problem? At the time I wasn't! I ignored what I now see as nudges from the Universe until one day I surrendered and pursued my dreams.

All pieces are crafted by my own two hands and are an expression of my October heart coupled with intense labor, immense love and the gratitude for finding this ancient craft and community that inspires me to jump out of bed every morning.

In addition to metalsmithing I am also an avid gem and mineral enthusiast. More often than not the stones used in my jewelry are also cut by my own hand or my husband who is a professional lapidary. If a gemstone found in a piece I crafted is not cut by one of us, it is ruthlessly sourced by myself personally to be ethical all the way from mining to setting.

Accompanying me in the studio are two miniature dachshunds ready to assist in the shipping department. Kiwi is weird and wirey while Pickle is the one who is gentle and genuis. I'll keep them away from the email department for as long as I can..

And as of 2019 you'll also find Macaroni and his pitbull-boxer sized blep lounging around my studio! After being dumped in the road, he wandered up to my window and has been a welcomed family member ever since.

And as of 2020 you'll also find seven cats! There is no shortage of animals in need in the area where I live and I often find myself rolling up my sleeves for rescue work. This is how I went from no cats to seven cats in one year! (Regrets? None. Only that I didn't adopt a thousand cats sooner. Bring me more.) Two pregnant and abandoned ferals arrived on my porch and I did not hesitate to invite them in.

Shakes- a slinky black meow-maker
Sophie- a dilute tortie whose hair looks like starlight (Howl's Moving Castle reference)
Bubblegum-  the lady in charge and is a tiger-sized tabby
Pumpkin- a long haired tortie straight out of a hallmark card
Britches- a feral tortie who gave birth to the tiniest kittens in the world in our bathroom; introducing Peanut Van Helsing (my number one fan) and his sister Dracula!


I currently reside in the Ozark Mountains, amongst old oaks and the call of ravens which flood the moss covered hills. My pieces are born out of my love for Autumn (I ritualistically count down the days 'til Halloween) and bits of folklore, superstition and elements meant to delight and protect. I have been vegan since 2013 so you can rest assured that my studio is cruelty free from apron to tool. I surround myself with books and dream of building my own library one day. Overcast days that begin with a blanket of fog and tea (earl grey, hot with a sprig of lavender) are my favorite and if I'm not making jewelry or cuddling small creatures, you can find me tending to my annual pumpkin patch.



(This will open in a new window) Please see the FAQ link for additional information and to answer any questions you may have. More often than not, the answers you seek can be found there and I while I try my best to answer emails in a timely manner, I am often overwhelmed in that department and I hate to keep you waiting on a question that can be found in the FAQ. Thank you!