Most questions and concerns are easily answered by thoroughly reading through this FAQ and each item's listing specifications.

Please give this FAQ a thorough read as it addresses almost all inquiries I receive, which saves time for both of us and means I am able to offer you more pieces!


All designs, photographs and all other content is copyright DarkFawn Jewelry 2014-2017.



How do I buy your pieces? Everything is usually sold out or your shop is empty!

As I am a one woman show, I am tasked with managing all aspects of DarkFawn. This includes communications, accounting, packing, shipping, social media, web maintenance and much more in addition to crafting each piece of jewelry by hand. Though I am always looking for ways to streamline my process, I do my best to make as many pieces as I am able. There are no production lines found here nor assembling of pre-made components and as such each piece can take between days and weeks to complete.

I do not reserve items nor do private sales, so anything I have available at any given time will be listed in this shop. If you do not see anything in the shop, it does indeed mean I am sold out. I try to frequently have "shop updates" in which new batches of pieces are listed right here on this website.

I announce the times and dates of future updates on my Instagram account (connect with me! http://instagram.com/darkfawnjewelry) with enough notice for those interested to mark their calendars. Pieces can and do go very quickly, so I recommend if you are interested in a piece to make note of the announced date and time and to be on the website and ready to checkout when the pieces are expected to go live.

Once in a blue moon, exceptions or technical difficulties may arise and I must postpone, push forward, alter or cancel a shop update. If this occurs, I will also make an announcement on Instagram so please keep up to date by checking in with me every now and then on there! Occasionally there may be what I call a "pop-up" sale in which pieces are posted for sale with no notice other than an Instagram posting saying they have gone live. Really, Instagram is where it's at.


When is your next update?
Times and dates of each update vary greatly. I try to schedule each update at a time different than the last as to better accommodate people in various locations. The first line in my about section on Instagram states "NEXT SHOP UPDATE" that will display either the next release date of new pieces or "TBA" (to be announced). Please see the question above for more information.

Why don't you make rings in my size?
I try my best to offer a variety of sizes across shop updates. You may not see your size in one update, however the next batch of pieces may contain several of your size. I typically work in ring sizes 4 through 13, never intentionally paying extra attention to one size over the other. Often I let a piece size itself, a way for the universe to dictate who it is intended for. Midi rings typically range from 2 through 4. Bracelet sizes range from XS-XL and will state so in each item's listing description. Chain lengths also vary and are stated in each item's description, from a choker length all the way to a long 30". I have yet to make a necklace, bracelet or ring outside of those sizes though you never know what the future may hold!

While I do not currently accept custom work, I am always interested in knowing what sizes, styles and themes people are looking for. If you connect with me on Instagram by leaving a comment regarding sizes or styles you are after, I try my best to work them into future shop updates.

Do you offer wholesale?
I am sorry but I do not offer wholesale. I already price my items with the minimal profit margin I am comfortable with.

Will you ever remake an item?
While each piece I create is one of a kind, occasionally I do revisit individual pieces or overall themes. Just keep an eye out and you never know what the future may bring!

What size am I?
There are many guides found online that can help you determine sizing if you are unsure. A quick google search will produce numerous results that are worth a quick read through. Find the guide that makes the most sense to you, and then double check those results via a secondary source! (Please see the below section on "Custom Requests" if you have a question regarding an item being resized.)

How do different bands and gauges of metal affect sizing?
It is important to note that the gauge of metal and the width of a ring band, for instance, can and will affect how it fits you. This is another instance of - know your own body! Thin, delicate bands are more forgiving while wide bands can be more restrictive. Also be aware of what weights are comfortable for you - some people prefer light pieces whereas others are fine with a fifty-five pounder on their finger! The larger and more intricate the piece, the heavier it will likely be.

I am overseas and do not go by the same measurement system as listed on your pieces. How do I know what size I am?
There are many websites you can google to help you convert the sizes listed to your local unit of measurement. Here is just one of many conversion charts to be found:

Please verify this information through your own due diligence. I do not refund or exchange if you have purchased the wrong size for you.


Do you accept commissions, personalized orders or custom requests?
Due to high demand, I am currently unable to accept custom requests and/or commissions at this time. This includes requests for custom designs, replication of past work, new pieces, sizing of pieces and alterations of any kind to already made or concept pieces. Custom requests will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

While I do not currently accept custom work, I am always interested in knowing what sizes, styles and themes people are looking for. If you connect with me on Instagram by leaving a comment regarding sizes or styles you are after, I try my best to work them into future shop updates!

Can you resize something for me?
I do not resize any pieces, made by myself or others. If a piece in the shop is already sized, it can not be re-sized. I am sorry!

Occasionally a piece will be listed as "Made to Order" or "Made to Size" in which those specific items are able to be sized to your specifications. These pieces can be sized to your request from 2-13 and all .25 increments in between. Unless an item explicitly states "Made to Order" or "Made to size", no alterations of any kind can be made.

Please be sure to make note of all dimensions and sizes of each piece PRIOR to purchasing. All information you need is contained within each listing's specifications.


What payment methods do you accept and do you charge sales tax?
I currently only accept Paypal through the Shopify platform. Additional payment options may be offered in the future. The Arizona sales tax rate is currently 5.6%. This tax rate will be charged to all Arizona residents as is required by state and federal law. If you do not live in Arizona, you will not be charged sales tax!

Do you accept reservations on specific pieces?
I do not accept reservations on any item. In order to keep things as fair as humanly possible, I no longer hold any item for anyone at any time. I understand this may be unfortunate news for some, but please keep in mind I have put this policy in place to be kind and courteous to all. The only exception to this "no reservation policy" is if the item has been placed on a payment plan. Payment plans are offered if an item has been live and listed in the shop for a full 24 hours. Please see below for further information on payment plans.

Can I set up a payment plan with you?
Payment plans are available, though some restrictions do apply. Payment plans are available for all items unless otherwise stated within that item's description. An item(s) must be listed in the shop for a full 24 hours before a payment plan is accepted. In order to fall in line with my "No Reservation" policy (please see above for further information and explanation) the item can not be placed on a payment plan until it has been listed and in the shop for a full twenty four hours. This keeps everything fair and streamlined. There have been instances in which a payment plan was accepted, only for the item to sell as it was being placed on hold! This ensures keeping the likelihood of that happening to a minimum.

Payment plans are happily tailored to your individual needs. I charge no interest nor require a deposit. If an item has been listed in the shop for twenty four hours and you would like to set up a payment plan with me for that item, please send me an email expressing your interest, what payments and timelines you prefer.

When can I expect my package to ship?
Already made items:
Are shipped within five business days after purchase. Depending on the item, it may be shipped via USPS priority or USPS first class. If you reside in the continental United States, this means your item may take somewhere between six and fourteen days to reach you. If you reside outside of the United States, please allow between two weeks and two months for your item to be delivered.

I do what is in my power to adhere to the time frame stated above, however; there may be extenuating circumstances that tack on an additional day or two. Please make note that I am a single person business, a sole individual who is tasked with managing all aspects of Dark Fawn Jewelry, who may fall ill or have a personal emergency to tend to. I reserve the right to address these personal extenuating circumstances prior to mailing your item if it is necessary to do so.

Made to order items:
Time frame varies and you can find each made to order item's time frame within the listing description. In addition to the time stated in the listing, the same five business day shipping and handling time applies.

Where do you ship to?
I ship worldwide, to anywhere in the world! Please be aware that customs duties and fees may apply to your parcel. I try my best to keep costs low, but I am not responsible for any additional fees you may incur due to your countries laws and practices.

All orders are shipped to the person and address listed on Paypal. Please be sure your Paypal information is accurate and up to date at the time of purchase.

I am international and the shipping costs I am being charged for seem high?
I am committed to keeping shipping costs as low and reasonable as possible. Due to such wide variances in the cost of shipping around the world, I charge an initial flat rate for shipping on all international orders. Once your package has shipped, I refund any amount above the actual label cost if it is greater than $2.00 USD.


My item has been lost in the mail!
This has yet to happen (knock on every piece of wood within a five mile radius) however in the event that it does, I am not liable for items after they have left my hands. All packages come with tracking and in the event this should occur, I will still do my best to offer whatever assistance I can to help resolve a postal mishap.

The ring/bracelet/necklace I purchased does not fit. Can I return it?
I do not accept returns or exchanges based on the wrong size, with the exception of a listing's specifications being incorrect on my end. Know your body! Know what chain lengths, bracelet sizes and ring sizes work for you.


How to care for:
Handmade, artisan jewelry should be treated with care. The work and stones are more delicate than most mass produced pieces you find at your local mall, however; with proper care they will last much, much longer than a mass produced piece ever could (and will actually retain or gain value).

Please refrain from vigorous, rough, and especially wet activity while wearing any handmade piece. Water can damage the stones and settings used. Water can and will also break down patinas and polishes, accelerating their normal aging rate. It is not recommended to wear your jewelry in any wet environment including swimming pools and showers. I have known many vintage pieces to have stones come loose after this type of wear.

Refrain from using commercial cleaning solutions as these can also easily damage handmade items and their stones. Commercial jewelry cleaners and polishing cloths can easily destroy or permanently alter porous stones including but not limited to: turquoise, opal, variscite, the matrix (or host rock) found throughout many stones, malachite, and more.

When cleaning, use a polishing cloth and gently work around the areas you would like to polish knowing that are you intending to remove the aging present including potentially affecting areas that may have been initially darkened intentionally. You can also very cautiously clean pieces with a gentle soap and water, patting dry and avoiding contact with the stones. I personally sometimes utilize a soft bristle toothbrush in addition to a gentle soap on pieces that do not possess a high polish, refraining from vigorous scrubbing and understanding that such thorough cleanings should be a rare occurrence and kept to a minimum throughout the life of the piece.

Patinas, oxidation and polish:
Most items have been carefully oxidized to bring out the details of each piece, giving each one a unique look and blackening recessed areas. Each patina varies piece by piece. The very nature of this finish can and will change over time depending on a number of factors: frequency of wear, storage, exposure to the elements (most notably moisture), exposure to body products and the oils our own bodies produce and individual body chemistry. I offer lifetime re-blackening of any piece for free (minus shipping and handling). Most pieces will come with a polishing cloth or pad and I also recommend they be kept in jewelry boxes or pouches to lessen their exposure to elements. The changing of a item's finish does not in any way affect it's durability or lifespan. Some welcome the natural patina that comes with age as a token of its passage! It's up to you how much, or how little, you wish to care for and re-polish your piece.

Please see the section above on "Caring for handmade jewelry".


Guarantees of authenticity.

In an online world becoming increasingly vast by the hour, far too often I see sellers misrepresenting stones or materials. I can guarantee that each piece I make only utilizes the best materials available and all stones are 100% authentically what I declare them to be. I am an avid gem and mineral enthusiast who is also a lapidarist, as is my husband. I very rarely use man made or man altered materials. In the rare occurrence I do not use a natural stone, I will disclose it in detail in that item's listing.

If you have any questions about a stone in a piece you have purchased or are interested in purchasing, feel free to email me at the email address listed at the bottom of this page and I will be more than happy to provide any and all additional information I have at my disposal. All pieces now come with a certificate of authenticity which includes the metal purity and declaration of the stones in your new treasure!


The stone in my piece appears to have changed from when I purchased it. Is that possible and why?
There are some stones that require additional care and more tending to than others and do in fact posses the capacity to change with time. Turquoise is perhaps the most notable of these, especially natural turquoise which can be exceptionally porous therefor change with the elements and body chemistries it comes into contact with. Many welcome this, finding it to be a rite of passage in its own respect. If you would like to limit potential changes in your stone(s), do your best to avoid excessive touching/contact with them and keep the piece well cared for.

A few other stones that deserve a notable mention for their potential to age are those that degrade in sunlight, heat or water: Larimar, Bumblebee Jasper, Malachite, Amethyst, Calcite, Kunzite and Opal to name a few! Do not store these near water or in prolonged, direct sunlight. Remember, you have likely purchased a piece of jewelry that contains a precious or semi-precious stone and should be cared for as such. Please see the above section "Caring for handmade jewelry" for more information.



I have emailed you/DM'd you/commented at you and haven't heard back!
Often it seems I am playing catch up with messages of all varieties, so please allow some time to hear back from me.

Due to the high volume of emails I receive, I typically allocate one day a week to go through and address everything. Please allow around five business days for a response. If you feel you have waited a reasonable amount of time and have not received a response, please email me again as your email was likely lost or misplaced! That is one of the last things I want to do  - absolutely no communication is ever intentionally ignored or looked over!

With the exception of:
If your email is solely comprised of one or more questions contained within this FAQ, it is likely I will not be able to answer your email. Due to the extreme volume of communications I receive, I simply do not have the ability to directly answer every question already addressed within this page and still have time to make new pieces.


If you communicated with me via a comment on Instagram, please keep in mind I receive thousands of notifications each day and it is likely your comment was missed while I was back in the studio. If you have a question or concern that was not addressed in this FAQ, please don't hesitate to send me an email to the address listed at the bottom of this page.


To get a long little doggie!

So enough about rocks and minerals and metals, let's talk about dags.

Two miniature dachshunds accompany me in the studio. One wiley and wirey, the other gentle and genuis.

The wirey one whose untameable fur always appears to be the result of having just stuck a fork in a light socket is named Kiwi and at 7 pounds it suits her just right. She tries her hardest to help in the shipping department but is all too often distracted by a passion for bird watching.

Pickle is the other fur monster that can be found roaming our halls. A smooth and sleek 12 pound lass often mistaken for a seal complete with the fondness for all things round; if it's not round, just give her five minutes. She is also known as the smartest individual within miles at any given location. She can be found supervising the work spaces, making sure to tell everyone what a good job they're doing.

If, after reading through this FAQ, you have additional questions not addressed above, please send me an email at hello@darkfawn.com

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All designs, photographs and all other content is copyright DarkFawn Jewelry 2014-2017